Boxing Day bots: Threats to e-commerce and how to stop them


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Black Friday may only be just behind us, but already the Boxing Day sales will be front of mind for retailers looking to end 2020 on a high. And it’s critical for retailers to find and take advantage of every opportunity this holiday season, especially online. Last year, Brits spent £100 billion during the holiday shopping season. With coronavirus depressing in-person shopping opportunities and more than 4,200 stores closing in the UK alone during 2020, the retail industry has had to transform as we ditch our cars for our keyboards.

Yes, this does present a fantastic opportunity for retailers in that there are new audiences who will be receptive to online shopping in a way they may not have been before. What’s more, shoppers may find that they’re buying more things online than they have in the past, e.g. groceries and toiletries. Retailers have a chance to win the loyalty of customers who’ve never considered or engaged with products or services like theirs.

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