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Web design and development are some f the most rewarding careers anyone can have simply because making amazing apps and websites can be both rewarding and interesting. However, without the right set of tools and the right advice, it can feel exhausting. The following are some of the most important tips and tools developers and designers can use to make the work easier and better.

Always use authentic content

There is always a temptation for developers and designers to copy paste other website’s images and text content because that sounds great. According to most development experts, this causes more harm than good and it’s important for all developers to desist from doing this. There are thousands of plagiarism checkers online that can help simplify your job, take advantage of them. Duplicate content checker PlagSpotter is one of the newest and most reliable tools you can use to check for the authenticity and uniqueness of content on the website you’re working on.

Overall, design and development work best if you know the right tools to use and how to take advantage of those tools for better results. If you the above advice, you should become a better designer or developer.

Take advantage of the free resources

Design would be a long, painstakingly expensive process, if you relied on resources within your reach only or those you can buy. Everyone knows that if they would be stressful to keep buying photos and images for design. The truth is there are tones of free stuff you can use to make design better, thanks to the internet. Therefore, if you want to become a better designer or developer, spend less time on projects and spend less, searching and downloading free resources to aid in your job is the right thing to do.

Create a font library

When it comes to development or design, fonts mean everything as far as getting the entire skeleton working properly. Lack of one will lead you to laborious tweaks which simply, waste time and are better off avoided. However, with the right font library, you can rest assured that you have the right ones to use. Whenever you have an urgent font need to take care of, you simply refer to your library in a second to save on design and development time.

Take advantage of dummy tools

Seasoned designers will tell you that Lorem Ipsum is a must use if you want to get a head of your production. Lorem gives the designer or developer, a clear picture of what the end product will look like so that they make the right tweaks in the development stage. With dummy tools like lorem text or photos, you don’t actually have to have the final content to get the work done. You simply get started as your clients arrange for the final content for later input.

Go to school

The most important secret to becoming a better developer or designer is being educated. This field keeps changing as new tricks and working tweaks are discovered on a regular basis. Without caching up on the latest modules, programs and software, the job can be hard. Simply put, if you need to learn new JavaScript, HTM or CSS, going for specialized lessons at Codeacademy or any of the other development education resources can be of great help.

Don’t be afraid to steal

This is another crucial fact every designer or developer needs to have when they are doing their work. The truth is that, generating an original script to run your projects can be both tiring, and time consuming. However, there are tones of content on the internet which you could ‘steal’ to save on time. Research has shown hat other people’s works can be inspiration to produce better jobs and hence need to look at what other people are creating to make your own.

Pimp your Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most profound graphic design tools out there and most designers love it. However, like all standard software, Photoshop can do just enough. There are a few extra things you need in your design projects it doesn’t have. The truth is, you can upgrade your Photoshop for magical effects while you design creations. Pimping isn’t in the natural sense; it simply means giving your Photoshop editor, extra capabilities, more brushes, fonts, etc.

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