Best laptop for writers in 2020: the 10 best laptops for authors and journalists


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Not every notebook can be the best laptop for writers. Much like photographers, 3D designers and video editors, writers have specific needs when it comes to their main writing tool, even if it seems to outsiders that all they need are Microsoft Word and a working keyboard.

If you’re spending hours typing, for example, having a functional keyboard just isn’t enough. You’ll need one that’s extremely reliable and accurate, comfortable to use, and has a satisfying bounce and tactile feedback. In fact, you’ll need one of the best keyboards on a laptop, if you hope to type on it for eight hours straight without fatiguing. You’ll also need one with an excellent display, one that lets you see things when you’re outdoors and isn’t eye-straining even when you’re indoors. And ideally, the best laptops for writers are sleek and compact, because you never know when or where inspiration will strike.

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