Best instant camera 2020: the 10 best retro cameras for instant fun


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Choosing the best instant camera isn’t always an easy decision. With models that tend to stick around long after they’re first released and a range of film formats to contend with, they’re arguably more difficult to comprehend than run-of-the-mill digital cameras. The good news is that, on the whole, they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than digital cameras – and a lot more fun too.

But what is an instant camera? After all, your digital camera takes pictures instantly too. Typically, instant cameras refer to those which give you a print of your snaps directly from the camera itself. What we’d typically describe as an instant camera covers a wide spectrum, ranging from cheap and cheerful toy cameras to more expensive options which give you advanced controls and even allow you to even swap lenses. These days there’s even hybrid models which offer both analogue and digital shooting, so you (arguably) get the best of both worlds.


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