Berlin: Police approve techno parade “Rave the Planet”


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Status: 08.07.2023 5:39 p.m

After some back and forth about the security concept, the Berlin techno parade “Rave the Planet” was able to start. Despite the great heat, tens of thousands came to the Straße des 17. Juni. The police had an urgent request for the ravers.

  • Large crowds at the techno parade “Rave the Planet” in Berlin-Tiergarten
  • Roads closed around the Great Star
  • Bizarre request from the police to the ravers
  • Event only approved hours before start

Tens of thousands of ravers came to the techno parade “Rave The Planet” in Berlin-Tiergarten. The Berlin police gave the rbb the number of around 130,000 participants in the afternoon. 300,000 were registered. The techno party with 25 music floats follows in the footsteps of the legendary Love Parade by Dr. Motte on the Straße des 17. Juni between the Brandenburg Gate and the Großer Stern.

Love Parade founder Dr. Motte greeted the dancing crowd shortly after 2 p.m.: “Our motto is ‘Music is the answer.’ Nice to see you,” he said. According to the police, the atmosphere is relaxed.

The fire brigade and police only gave the green light for the event on Saturday afternoon. “Today, the city center belongs to the ravers,” the police said on Twitter. According to rbb information, around 1,000 police officers are on duty.

Subway stations and entrances partially closed

Because of the heavy rush, the Brandenburger Tor S-Bahn and U-Bahn station and later the Bundestag U-Bahn station were closed. The western entrances to Straße des 17. Juni and the Brandenburg Gate were also blocked by the police.

“If you’re still closed now #Ravetheplanet are on the road, please only use the entrances south of June 17,” she said on Twitter. The police said they got an overview of the area with a helicopter.

A unusual call from the police triggered amusement on Twitter: “A request that we didn’t think we’d have to cancel: Please don’t undress on #ravetheplanet. Participants have complained to us. #b0807”

Love Parade founder Dr. Motte welcomes the participants of the Techno Parade

Chialo: Techno-Parade “Original Berlin Event”

The Berlin Senator for Culture, Joe Chialo, is also among the participants in the Techno Parade. “I celebrate the music,” said the CDU politician on Saturday at the start of the event. “Rave The Planet” continues a tradition that has shaped the capital. In his speech, the CDU politician emphasized that the Love Parade was a “Urban event”.

At the same time he said: “Berlin is a city of diversity, not of simplicity. We have no place here for anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia.”

“Rave the Planet” definitely wants to go through the Tiergarten

Is there music in Berlin on Saturday? The “Rave the Planet” techno parade should definitely take place, emphasizes the organizing team around Love Parade inventor Dr. Moth. It relies on a compromise – but no longer on the legal process.more

Approval only a few hours before the start

The event had been on the brink until the end because of the security concept. For a long time there were no contracts with a medical service. The problem was also solved thanks to donations received and a private medical service was hired, the organizers finally said on Friday.

Only a few hours before the planned start of “Rave The Planet”, the Berlin police gave the green light for the demo. That’s how long it took for the security concept of the Techno-Parade to be finally checked, a police spokesman said.

However, the financing of the medical service has left a gap in the budget, said co-managing director of “Rave the Planet” gGmbH, Timm Zeiss, on Saturday when asked by rbb|24. Now “one or the other shareholder has to put something in again”.

"Under the motto 'Rave the Planet', a parade of techno fans will dance by in July 2022 on Straße des 17. Juni.";  © dpa / Jörg Carstensen

The rave is hanging through

Even three days before the second edition of “Rave the Planet” in Berlin, it is completely unclear whether the techno parade on Saturday will really move through the city. The organizers cannot currently afford a private medical service. By John Henningmore

Confusion about the lack of medical service

In the past few days it had much confusion about missing contracts with medical services given. According to the organizers, the problems are said to have been solved thanks to donations received, which have now been used to hire a private medical service. A total of 260 paramedics are said to have been posted along the parade route.

The actual number of participants should be one of the decisive factors for the go of “Rave the Planet”, according to the Berlin police when asked by rbb.

Event could be cancelled

Numerous roads are closed around the celebration mile. Since 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, along with Straße des 17. Juni and Ebertstraße, the Großer Stern has also been closed to traffic. This closure will remain in place until about 3 a.m. on Sunday. John-Foster-Dulles-Allee is also closed. The Berlin Traffic Information Center recommends avoiding the Tiergarten area all day and taking the S-Bahn, U-Bahn or bicycle instead.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, July 8th, 2023, 6 a.m

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