Baden-Württemberg: Arrests after the attack on the mourners


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Status: 06/14/2023 7:45 p.m

Funeral guests were probably attacked with a grenade. The fact that no one was killed was probably a coincidence. The background could be a gang war.

Investigators see evidence that the attack on a mourner in Altbach (district of Esslingen) and the series of shots in the Stuttgart region are connected. According to the State Criminal Police Office, the background could be “clashes between two rival groups ready to use violence”. The authorities announced on Wednesday that the investigation would continue.

Pistol suggests connection to gunfire

The reason for the suspected connection is that on Wednesday the apartments of suspects who are said to have beaten up the alleged attacker in Altbach were searched. A pistol was found on one of them. “Investigations are currently underway as to whether this weapon was used in other crimes, especially in the past shots fired in the greater Stuttgart area.” So far, the authorities speak of clues.

Hand grenade bounced

The attack on the funeral in Altbach was probably carried out with a hand grenade. The Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) assumes this. According to authorities, if the hand grenade had not hit a branch and been deflected, there would probably have been fatalities.

Nicks apparently from the exploded hand grenade

Ten injured in attack

A suspect is said to have approached the mourners in the Altbach cemetery and threw the hand grenade into the crowd. Ten people were injured in the explosion on Friday, one of them seriously. The suspect was also injured because some visitors to the funeral attacked him. As a result, three men were arrested on Wednesday. They are accused of joint attempted manslaughter and joint dangerous bodily harm.

This is where the hand grenade hit, investigators suspect.

Authorities are examining possible connections

According to the information, up to 500 people had gathered on Friday afternoon for the funeral of a 20-year-old man. The three arrested should not have been related to the deceased. “The men are known to the police for violent crimes,” the authorities said.

A 20-year-old was buried here on Friday. According to the authorities, his death had nothing to do with third-party debt.

Altbach suspect remains silent

The alleged hand grenade launcher is in custody and has so far refused to testify. Investigators accuse him of attempted manslaughter, causing an explosive device explosion and dangerous bodily harm. According to the LKA, the investigators continue to assume a single perpetrator. According to the information, the accused are of different nationalities.

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