Avatar 2: release date, first images and what we know


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The original Avatar took over the world with its amazing performance capture, CG backgrounds, and 3D photography. James Cameron’s bewitching tale became the highest grossing film of all time when it released in 2009, until Avengers: Endgame came along. And since success tends to lead to sequels, there will be an Avatar 2, and more adventures on top of that in the ensuing years.

Originally slated for 2014, the as-yet-untitled Avatar 2 is the first of four sequels in the works – and Cameron recently revealed it’s 100% done, with the third very far along, too. We’re heading back to Pandora, where the indigenous Na’vi people fought off the human invaders ravaging their beautiful lands to mine precious “unobtainium”. However, we also know we’ll be travelling underwater for Avatar 2.

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