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Attention consumers
That changes in June

By Axel Witte

A new building subsidy program is being launched for families with low and middle incomes, there is a culture pass for young people, and the railways no longer always have to pay compensation in the event of delays. This and other things await you in the new month.

Corona warning app goes into sleep mode

The growing immunity of the population, a stable infection situation and the return to public life without corona measures also make the Corona warning app currently unnecessary. From June 1st it will also be put into a rest mode. In idle mode, however, the app is not automatically deleted from the end devices of the users. The vaccination certificates can thus continue to be used if required. The personal notes in the diary are also preserved.

The app will also no longer be available in the Apple and Google app stores from the new month. In this case, users who want to delete the app should back up their vaccination certificates or diary entries.

Limited compensation for train delays

From June 7, 2023, rail passengers should no longer receive compensation if they arrive late or not at all at their destination “due to extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or major natural disasters”. Health crises “such as pandemics” or “certain actions by third parties” (e.g. people on the track) should no longer be grounds for compensation. That is when a new EU regulation comes into force.

Actually, the following applies: rail passengers who do not reach their destination on time during a train journey have different requirements. For example, you can request a refund of part of the ticket price. If they arrive at least 60 minutes later than planned, rail customers are entitled to a 25 percent refund, and 50 percent if they arrive more than 120 minutes. Compensation for online tickets can be requested in the “DB Navigator” app.

First federal state starts in school holidays

For millions of students, the school year is drawing to a close. The children and young people in North Rhine-Westphalia are the first to start their summer holidays: their first day of vacation is June 22nd. The summer holidays in Berlin begin on July 13th. Bavaria is the last federal state to start on July 31st. By August 4th, all students in Germany will be on vacation.

Here is the overview of the summer holidays 2023

  • Baden-Württemberg: July 27, 2023 – September 9
  • Bavaria: July 31 – September 11
  • Berlin: July 13 – August 25
  • Brandenburg: July 13 – August 26
  • Bremen: July 6th – August 16th
  • Hamburg: July 13 – August 23
  • Hesse: July 24 – September 1
  • Mecklenburg-West Pomerania: July 17 – August 26
  • Lower Saxony: July 6 – August 16
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: June 22 – August 4
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: July 24th – September 1st
  • Saarland: July 24 – September 1
  • Saxony: July 10 – August 18
  • Saxony-Anhalt: July 6th – August 16th
  • Schleswig-Holstein: July 17 – August 26
  • Thuringia: July 10 – August 19

Easier access to short-time work benefits ends

Companies can take advantage of easier access to short-time work benefits until June 30, 2021. This also applies to temporary work. Short-time allowance can still be paid up to this date if at least ten percent – instead of the usual one third – of the employees are affected by a loss of pay.

Holidays in June

Cheers in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. Those who work here can usually stay at home on Corpus Christi. The holiday falls on June 8 (Thursday). If you take a day off here, you have a total of four days off. Period: June 8th (Saturday) to June 11th (Sunday).

Funding for climate-friendly building for families with low and middle incomes

From June 1, 2023 there will be a new home ownership promotion for families who want to build or buy a climate-friendly home in the form of a cheap KFW loan. Prerequisite: a taxable income of up to 60,000 euros per year and at least one minor child in the household. According to the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Construction, loan amounts of up to a maximum of 240,000 euros per family are planned. A subsidy, as was the case with the Baukindergeld, is not planned as part of the funding.

Further information can be found here from June 1st, 2023: home ownership promotion

Culture pass for young people

In order to support both young people and culture, the federal government will introduce a culture pass in Germany in mid-June 2023, following the example of other European countries. All young people who live in Germany and turn 18 in 2023 will receive a budget of 200 euros, which they can use for tickets, books, CDs, records and much more. The budget can last for two years be redeemed, which is available as an app and website. From mid-June it should be possible to register via the digital platform using the online ID process.

Cultural providers can register on the platform and offer concerts, theater and cinema performances there, for example. Registration is limited to local cultural providers. Large sales platforms and online mail order companies are excluded. If successful, the program can be opened up to young people aged 16 to 17 in a second step.

Microsoft provides support for Windows 21H2 a

The last security updates for Windows 10 in version 21H2 are due on June 13th. After that, there are no security updates for the system. But it can still be used. After this date, devices running this version will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates that provide protection against the latest security threats.

Summer train timetable comes into effect

From June 9th, the summer timetable will apply to Deutsche Bahn (DB) and other transport companies. It remains valid until December 9, 2023. With the small timetable change in summer, there are only minor adjustments to the DB timetable. For the summer timetable, tickets can always be booked six months in advance. There is no special ticket booking option here. Since the timetables will not change significantly for this timetable change, the tickets can be booked up to 6 months in advance and thus save money.

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