Attack on Nord Stream tubes: Danes were not informed by the CIA


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Attack on Nord Stream tubes
Danes were not informed by CIA

By Markus Frenzel

Allegedly, the United States knew of Ukraine’s attack plans even before the explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines. New information shows that’s not likely. At the very least, the information may not have been sufficiently reliable.

at the beginning of June reported the “Washington Post” and the US secret service CIA had been informed about corresponding plans three months before the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines. Research by RTL and the Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” suggests that this cannot be true.

A secret paper from the Danish Ministry of Defense shows that the Danes were not warned by the CIA. “The Danish military intelligence service had no prior information about the incident, but is now working with all partners,” says the 15-page document. The paper is dated late October 2022, and large parts of it have been redacted for publication by the ministry because it is classified as “confidential”. Regardless of the paper, security circles in Copenhagen confirmed to RTL and “Ekstra Bladet” that the Danes were not warned.

Excerpt from the Danish Ministry of Defense paper.

(Photo: RTL)

To this day it is unclear who is responsible for the blasting of the Nord Stream pipelines. For months, secret service agents, the military and private investigators have been trying to find out what really happened on September 26, 2022, when first one strand of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and then both strands of Nord Stream 1 were blown up. Most recently, German and US media reported that the US had received information months before the attacks that Ukraine was planning such an attack. According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” the Dutch secret service is said to have received the relevant information before the CIA.

If this information is correct, it would be surprising that neither the US nor the Netherlands informed Denmark about the plans. After all, Denmark is a NATO partner. In addition, the pipelines run long distances in the country’s exclusive economic zone, and the explosions finally occurred just a few kilometers off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm. Against this background, it would be very unusual that the Americans should not have warned the Danes with one syllable of a serious security threat to their country.

In Danish security circles, this information only allows one conclusion: the information about the alleged attack plans by the Ukrainians cannot have been sufficiently reliable. “If it had been validated material where you really believed someone was going to do something near Bornholm, then I’m sure it would have been shared with Denmark,” former Danish intelligence official Jacob Kaarsbo told RTL and ” Extra Bladet”. The security expert has a suspicion: “My impression is that something wasn’t quite right here.” Kaarsbo suspects the CIA information was obviously not of good enough quality to be shared with key partners like the Danes.

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