Apple’s Rumored Foldable Phone Could Adopt The Clamshell Form Factor


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So there have been rumors suggesting that Apple, for whatever reason, could be looking to hop on board the foldable phone bandwagon. Some reports have claimed that Apple has prototyped a couple of designs, one of which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, and the other is similar to the Galaxy Z Flip.

Now according to a new report from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, his sources have told him that Apple may have decided on the form factor that they are going to go with, and that is with the clamshell design. Prosser notes that his sources could not tell him why Apple has chosen this design, but perhaps they did not necessarily want a phone-tablet hybrid device to start eating into its iPad sales, which is currently still selling like hotcakes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the decision is final, but rather it seems that Apple is leaning heavily towards that design, so it is possible that further down the road that Apple could change their minds, but for now the clamshell form factor seems to be the design of choice. Prosser’s report also claims that Apple could be aiming this foldable iPhone at a different audience, a younger audience.

Apparently Apple will be outfitting the foldable iPhone with different “fun” colors instead of the more “serious” colors that Apple uses for its higher-end iPhone models. Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt, but we have to wonder how a foldable iPhone will do in a market that has yet to fully embrace foldable phones in general.

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