Apple Will Warn iPhone Users If Non-Genuine Camera Parts Are Installed


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There is usually peace of mind when it comes to choosing first-party repairs. This is because it’s pretty much a guarantee that the parts used are genuine and are compatible, but at the same time, it’s easy to see why some might choose the third-party route because it is usually a lot cheaper.

Unfortunately, if you’re going the third-party route with an iPhone repair, be prepared for a ton of warnings. In the latest iOS 14.4 update, it appears that Apple will now start displaying warning messages if it detects that the iPhone has been repaired with a non-genuine camera part. This doesn’t mean that the camera cannot be used, but rather this warning will let users know about it and the potential issues that could occur.

According to an Apple support document, using non-genuine parts could result in the camera not being able to focus properly which could result in images that aren’t sharp. It could also screw up Portrait mode photos, and could also cause third-party camera apps to freeze and stop functioning properly.

That being said, not all third-party repairs use fake components. Apple does have Authorized Service Providers and also repair shops that are certified by them, but if you go with a shop or someone who isn’t certified and might end up using cheaper and non-genuine components, then these are some of the potential issues you can expect.

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