Apple Will Be Making A ‘Big Announcement’ Tomorrow


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It is largely expected that Apple will be hosting an event in the coming months where they are expected to unveil new products like a new iPad, maybe the AirTags, and possibly more, but it seems that the company has a “big announcement” that they are planning on making tomorrow.

This is according to a report from CBS This Morning where they showed a short clip of an interview that they did with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. However, before you get too excited, CBS host Gayle King did clarify that this interview was scheduled ahead of time and that the announcement Apple plans to make isn’t a new product.

According to King, “It is not a new product, we should say, it’s not a new product. It’s something I think bigger and better than that. So we did an interview, and we did it at the Apple Store here, and he’s at his headquarters, and he agreed to answer other questions.” The reason King had to clarify the video was because in the clip that CBS This Morning shared, it showed Cook speaking about the events at the US Capitol last week, so King wanted viewers to know that the interview was already scheduled ahead of time, and that it will be about Apple’s new initiative.

This has led to speculation as to what Apple could be planning on announcing. Maybe it could be some kind of environmental initiative, maybe Apple’s plans on building their own car, or maybe something privacy related, either way we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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