Apple Updates Prices of Devices in Trade in Offer


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Apple has recently updated the prices of its Trade-In scheme for older products. Apple has provided a trade-in option for almost ten years now, where customers can avail of a discount on a new Apple product in exchange for an older device.

Apple offers the trade-in option across all of its products such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac apart from Android smartphones. The company has also volunteered to recycle cables, cases, and monitors for free.

Apple Updates Prices of Devices in Trade in Offer

Apple is also known to regularly update trade-in device values based on product and region, and this time the company has updated values for the US region.

In its latest update, there seems to be an increase for newer models such as the iPhone 13 Pro series, whereas the older iPhone models see a decrease. Let’s take a look at all the options.

Apple Trade-In Option

As per the updated US pricing, an iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $630. Earlier the same device was earmarked for $600. An iPhone 13 Pro is valued at $530.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and the 12 Pro now come for $20 more, whereas the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 13 mini are valued at $30 and $20 lesser. The iPhone 7 is the oldest model that you could use for a trade-in and its price now is $40 lesser than before.

Apple Updates Prices of Devices in Trade in Offer

Apple also has trade-in options for Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which is valued at $305.

The M1 iPad Pro models have a $25 increase in valuation than before and now come for $470. The standard iPad and the iPad mini also have an increase of $10.

The Apple Watch Series 4, up until the Apple Watch Series 6 have a $5 increase, and the Series 7 remains the same at $165.

How to make use of the Apple Trade-In Scheme

Those interested in pursuing the trade-in options can do so either online or at the Apple Store. Apple has mentioned that in case their device isn’t eligible for credit, they’re offering to recycle it for free.

Apple has also mentioned that in case customers are not ready to purchase something at the moment, they can avail of a gift card with the value of traded device which they can redeem at any time.

Source: Apple

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published: Friday, May 5, 2023, 15:21 [IST]

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