Apple Says Goodbye To My Photo Stream As It Shifts To ICloud Photos


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Apple is planning to discontinue its free ‘My Photo Stream’ service in July this year. The service, which has been available since 2011, allows users to upload images and videos from Apple devices to iCloud.

“As part of this transition, new photo uploads to My Photo Stream from your devices will stop one month before, on June 26, 2023,” says Apple.

Users will no longer be able to load new photos after the discontinuation date.

Apple says photos that are loaded to My Photo Stream before the shutdown will remain in iCloud for 30 days from the date that you uploaded them. Users will be able to access the photos and videos from the devices where My Photo Stream is currently enabled.

It still might be worth an Apple update

It says users should not worry about losing their content after the shutdown because all images on My Photo Stream are stored in their original format on at least one device when loaded.

“If a photo you want isn’t already in your library on a particular iPhone, iPad, or Mac, make sure that you save it to your library on that device,” adds Apple.

So, you’re probably wondering how to proceed after you say goodbye to My Photo Stream. Apple is pointing users to its iCloud Photos which it says is “the best way to keep the photos and videos you take up to date across all your devices.”

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Apple has been slowly downgrading My Photo Stream as it moves users to iCloud Photos. In 2021, it reduced the unlimited storage space for uploads to 15GB. It also reduced the quality of content that users could access on multiple devices from iCloud.

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