Apple Has Started ‘Early Work’ On A Foldable iPhone


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There have been rumors floating about suggesting that Apple could be looking to follow in the steps of the competition, like Samsung, and launch a foldable phone in the future. Now in a new report from Bloomberg, they are corroborating those rumors with their sources telling them that apparently “early work” has already begun on the device.

However, we should advise our readers that you shouldn’t hold your breath at seeing it launch anytime soon. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that right now, all Apple has is a display, which means that even the chassis of the phone hasn’t been developed or reach its prototype stage yet.

We did previously hear that Apple was testing out its foldable iPhone and that it has apparently passed internal durability tests. We suppose it makes sense that Apple would want to ensure that the display will work properly and is durable enough to last a while before they move onto other stages in the project. Samsung did run into some issues with early models of the Galaxy Fold, but they have made some adjustments since, so it appears that maybe Apple is learning from the mistakes of its competition.

That being said, Gurman’s report states that the company has not fully committed to releasing a device with a foldable display. It is possible that the rumors are true that Apple could be working on such a device, but we imagine that companies like Apple work on all manner of devices, but whether or not it will make it to the final stage and be made reality is a different story.

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