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Password managers are absolute godsends when you want to create an impenetrable wall defending your online privacy. But frequently face-selective amnesia sets in whenever you need to access your email or log in to Facebook. They’re quick, clever, and convenient, and Apple has just significantly improved its iCloud password manager with a new extension that lets you use your iCloud Keychain with Google Chrome. 

With this new extension, users who have created passwords on the Safari browser can now use iCloud to conveniently access them in Chrome, even on other devices. The same goes for passwords you’ve made in Chrome, making it easier to hop between the two browsers, and even between Apple and Windows devices. The new extension is called “iCloud Passwords”, and arrives with the 12.0 update for iCloud. In your updated iCloud app you’ll be able to see “passwords” as a service. Tapping on it will prompt you to download the extension, and then you’re ready to go. 

The extension comes after it was leaked last week, and is the latest piece of Apple software to be accessible via Windows, joining the ranks of AppleTV+ (which you can use on the Xbox One). Speaking of passwords and online security, while updating your iCloud and downloading the extension, you should update to IOS 14.4 asap if you don’t want any of your personal data stolen.

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