Apple and Google just enough: these are the best fitness apps


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Apple and Google only sufficient
These are the best fitness apps

Stiftung Warentest checks which fitness apps are the best training partners. In principle, this is also a test of smartwatches and other tracking devices, because almost all applications only work with devices from their own manufacturer.

No matter how good the hardware is, a smartwatch or a fitness bracelet is only good if the data measured by the devices is evaluated and displayed appropriately by software. Stiftung Warentest therefore tested a total of eleven fitness apps for Android and iOS.

Garmin before Huawei

Clear test winner with a smooth 1 as a quality rating Garmin Connect. The testers rated their display of vital signs, training functions and the individual adjustment and handling as “very good”. The app is particularly strong when it comes to analyzing cycling and swimming. Warentest only criticizes clear deficiencies in the data protection declaration, whereby none of the test candidates covered themselves with glory.

The second place could itself Huawei Health to back up. The iOS app received an overall rating of 1.8, and the Android version received a quality rating of 1.9 due to a somewhat more cumbersome setup. The individual adaptation and handling was only rated “satisfactory” overall. In addition to the Garmin application, the Huawei app for Warentest is best suited for cycling training, and like the test winner, it also does well or very well for running and swimming.

Anyone who wears a Galaxy Watch from Samsung has the Android version of Samsung Health a good training aid – especially when it comes to swimming and running. Overall, the Android app received an overall rating of 2.5. The iOS version has to be satisfied with a quality rating of 2.9, since the analysis of the cycling training is only sufficient.

Google and Apple only adequate

Google Fit, which is also compatible with many devices from other manufacturers, almost completely failed the test with an overall rating of 4.2. The app is not at all suitable as a training partner, which the testers rated as inadequate. The app is only good when it comes to displaying the vital signs.

Although the Apple Watch is test winner at Warentest, it worked Apple Fitness, which is only available for iOS, with a quality rating of 3.6, not much better than the Google app. However, because she still offers a good analysis while swimming, her training management was graded sufficiently. It is also good at displaying vital signs.

The widespread Fitbit didn’t show a masterly performance either, but still achieved an overall grade of 3.3. The app owes this primarily to the good display of vital signs. In contrast, the testers found their training analyzes to be merely sufficient.

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