Apple Allows Russia To Preinstall Apps On The iPhone


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One of the things iPhone users can appreciate is how Apple does not allow others to preinstall apps on it. This is versus Android devices in which handset makers or carriers might introduce their own apps on the phone even if users don’t want it or like it. However, that will change over in Russia.

Due to a new Russian law, Apple will now have to allow the preinstallation of apps on the iPhone from other developers and sources. The idea behind this is that the Russian government wants users to be given a choice of whether or not they want to use Apple’s own native apps or if they prefer a third-party alternative.

Users can choose to not install any of the apps and can delete the apps afterwards if they choose, but the fact that they are present will set an interesting precedent. While users are more than welcome to install third-party apps on iOS, they typically need to seek it out themselves which some might argue can stifle competition versus being presented with a list of alternatives.

Like we said, this Russian law does set a precedent and it is possible that in the future, we could see other countries and governments implement a similar law for preinstalled apps on the iPhone as well.

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