Apple AirPower hopes renewed just as another competitor beats it to the punch


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For all the exciting products that Apple announces, there are likely many that never get mentioned to the public. Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat is a more curious case because it was actually announced by Apple only to be delayed and eventually canceled. It seemed like a charging pad that worked no matter where you set your devices couldn’t be done. But, the latest report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is still working on a wireless charging pad. 

Here’s the thing: it suggest that Apple is working on a “less ambitious wireless charger,” and that might mean a basic wireless charger that carries Apple’s branding. Meanwhile more than a few competitors have succeeded where Apple hasn’t.

Nomad is the latest product maker to come out with a wireless charging pad that works like AirPower was supposed to, Android Central reports.

(Image credit: Nomad Goods)

The Nomad Base Station Pro is a wide wireless charging pad that incorporates technology from tech startup Aira. This lets it the pad support Qi wireless charging for up to three devices simultaneously, and it does so without being overly specific about where on the pad those devices are placed.

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