Another incident ends bitterly: NBA star Rudy Gobert hits fellow players in the middle of the game


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Another incident ends bitterly
NBA star Rudy Gobert hits teammates mid-game

In the NBA, the hot phase of the season is approaching – and that is apparently also causing nervousness among the stars. With Rudy Gobert, emotions cause a freak out in the middle of the game. A teammate waits until after the final siren with his painful outburst of frustration.

A freak out with consequences: French basketball star Rudy Gobert lost his nerve at the NBA season finale and hit his own teammate Kyle Anderson. Gobert was no longer allowed to continue the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the New Orleans Pelicans (113:108), and he now faces an internal team penalty for the play-in match against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

After the game, Gobert apologised. “I was overwhelmed by emotion today. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, regardless of what was said,” he wrote on Twitter: “I want to apologize to the fans, the organization and especially Kyle , who I really love and respect as a teammate.”

“Of course we can’t tolerate it”

Gobert, who moved to Minnesota from the Utah Jazz in the summer of 2022, initially fought a battle of words with Anderson at the end of the second quarter, then he struck – over the head of his coach Chris Finch. “Even veterans can get upset, so I don’t want to be too hard on him,” said the coach, “but of course we can’t tolerate that.” According to ESPN, the Timberwolves are considering Gobert’s suspension for the game against the Lakers.

Meanwhile, Anderson did not want to dramatize the incident. “We all want to win,” he said, “perhaps we weren’t on the same wavelength at the moment. Tempers were heated, we were in the middle of a game that we wanted to win, a really important one. It is what it is . Shit happens.”

Not only with Gobert and Anderson: Teammate Jaden McDaniels also struck on Sunday: frustrated against a wall – and, according to media reports, broke his right hand. Not good prospects for the duel against the Lakers. But even with a loss, Minnesota still has a chance of making the playoffs, then in the knockout game against the New Orleans Pelicans or the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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