Another hangover for the cat ?: Lucas Cordalis supposedly wants a son


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Another hangover for the cat?
Lucas Cordalis reportedly wants a son

Mum, dad, child – that’s how it has been in the Cordalis-Katzenberger home so far. But it may not stay that way. Lucas Cordalis in particular is said to have a desire for more offspring with Daniela Katzenberger. Finally, he still lacks the male heir.

It’s been a while since Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis became parents: daughter Sophia celebrates her eighth birthday in August. And in itself, the family planning of the celebrity couple seemed to be over.

Finally, as early as 2021, Katzenberger revealed in an RTL interview with Frauke Ludowig that the question of offspring was over for her and her husband after it hadn’t worked out with another child for several years. “It’s no longer an issue for us,” the “cat” blurted out at the time.

Her biggest mistake was “that I ever said I wanted a second child,” said the 36-year-old in the RTL interview about two years ago. In another interview, which was also about the possibility of another pregnancy, Katzenberger said: “It’s sometimes exhausting when I read the question a hundred times a day. If I should be pregnant at some point, you’ll find out soon enough.”

A son named Costa?

But despite all this, the topic is now coming up again. The “Bild” newspaper reports that Katzenberger and Cordalis still want another child. The couple have also thought about adoption.

Especially with Cordalis, however, the hope that it will still work out with their own offspring prevails. The singer dreams of a son to whom he can pass the name Cordalis and name him Costa after his late father.

But that’s not the only revelation that the “Bild” newspaper has up its sleeve. She also knows how to report that Katzenberger is skeptical about another pregnancy, not least in view of her figure.

Lucas Cordalis did not respond to a request, the newspaper writes. And maybe that’s for the best. Daniela Katzenberger is right: “If I should ever be pregnant, you’ll find out soon enough.”

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