Android Sound Notifications can notify you of surrounding common household noises


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Google is introducing a new feature that is aimed at improving the Android experience for those users with hearing loss, called Sound Notifications. The feature will use the smartphones’ microphone, pick up and recognize common household sounds and alert the user via push notifications, camera flash or vibrations.

This feature can be useful in those scenarios where it might be important to hear these sounds from the environment, but the user can’t, either because they are hard of hearing, or wearing earphones, headphones, etc. It works completely offline and will be able to recognize 10 different sounds at launch, including baby sounds, water running, smoke and fire alarms, appliances beeping and door knocking.

Once a household sound is detected, Android can alert the user via push notifications, flashing the smartphones camera and also through a vibration alert. Google has integrated the feature into WearOS too, so that you can quickly be alerted from your smartwatch on your wrist.

Sound Notifications will also have a timeline feature where users can see a history of the sounds that were detected in your household. This can especially useful if the user needs to understand what caused a disturbance, etc.

Google is rolling out this feature gradually to all Android users. Once rolled out, t0 access this feature, you need to have both the Live Transcribe and Sound Notifications app which are available to download from Google Play. Once installed, go to Settings⇾Accessibility and turn on the feature.

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