Android 12 screenshots with new notification shade, privacy controls, improved widgets surface


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In a new leaked document, screenshots of Google’s upcoming Android 12 software have surfaced online. They summarize the upcoming changes that Google is making, including an update to the notification shade, new privacy notifications and controls, and maybe an overhaul of Android’s Widgets.

The notifications shade in Android 12 appears to no longer be transparent, instead it is an opaque shade of beige colour. A separate section for Conversations continues to be there, and each section have more pronounced rounded curves. Another visible change is the number of quick setting toggles have been reduced from 6 to 4.

The second major change that was observed was the new notification for when an app is using the camera or microphone. Similar to the approach taken by Apple in iOS, Android 12 will now show a green dot when either of these sensors are used. Tapping the dot will bring a screen where users can access further information as to which app is using or used the camera or mic.

Widgets also appear to be getting an update – Google is looking to add a new “Conversations” Widget, as shown in the above screenshots. In its smallest size, it can show one message from one messaging app at a time. Google may also introduce a UI change to the Widgets on the whole, but the specifics are unclear.

These screenshots are from a leaked document, so it is unclear as to what changes will Google actually implement. The developer preview for Android 12 should be released in the coming weeks, which will confirm whether these rumours are true or not.


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