Android 12 may bring dedicated gaming mode, smarter auto rotation and a Reduced Brightness quick setting


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Google will be releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 12 soon, and we have some rumours on what features they may add to the next version of Android. Autorotation will reportedly get smarter; there possibly might be a dedicated “Game mode”, and a new “Reduced Brightness” quick setting tile might get added.

Autorotation in Android has nearly always been problematic for users. It is quite common for Android to unintentionally rotate the screen, which leads to most users simply disabling the feature. Google is reportedly looking into applying their AI magic on the feature to make it smarter, possibly using the phone’s front facing camera to detect the required orientation.

Android 12 may add a “GameManager service” that Google is working on. Described as a “service to manage game related features.”, it will likely be an API for games to gain control over basic features such as auto brightness, autorotation, toggle the Do Not Disturb mode, etc. Exact details about the service are unclear.

And lastly, Google is developing an accessibility feature that was previously called “Reduce Bright Colors”. Now its called “Reduced Brightness”, it will be available as a default quick tile and is designed to help users with visual impairments.


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