Analysts Believe Apple Could One Day Introduce Hardware Subscriptions


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Right now when it comes to buying a new Apple product, you’d have to buy it outright, or get it on an installment plan from a carrier if they’re selling it. You can also trade-in an older device and use the credit towards a new one. However, it seems that maybe in the future, Apple could consider introducing a hardware-based subscription.

This is according to analysts Gene Munster and David Stokman of Loup Ventures, who are claiming that they believe that eventually, Apple could introduce hardware subscriptions. This means that for a fixed monthly fee, you could get yourself access to a brand new Apple product like an iPhone or Mac computer.

The benefit to this model is that it could in theory allow you to keep your devices up to date, while ensuring that Apple is able to reap a continued source of revenue. It would also make it easier for Apple to merge everything together and sell it as one bundle, for example you could get a bundle that includes a MacBook Pro and a subscription to iCloud and Apple Music, and so on.

We’re not sure how Apple would handle the logistics of such a setup, so this is all very speculative for now, so take it with a grain of salt.

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