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Latest Google Indexing Issue - An Analysis or Insight -

In September 2020, a lot of users has complained about their stories are not appearing on Google. Many pages were dropped from Google’s search index and resulted in heightened complaints. The complaints of pages being deindexed poured in over most social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you’re looking for insights and analysis on the Latest Google Indexing Issue, then you have come to the right place. On October 1st, Google issued a statement confirming they were victims of indexing bugs and pledging to fix them.

The Latest Google Indexing Issue – How it All Started

Sometime in September, Google users with online content noticed a sudden drop in their Google ranking. For most of these people, they noticed their home pages mysteriously disappeared from Google Index. Others noticed that new pages took longer to be ranked and be posted on Google.

Insights into the Latest Google Indexing Issue

The recent indexing issue with Google had many online publishers in a state of confusion. But what exactly was responsible for this issue, is it about to resolve, and what impacts did it have on businesses? These are the questions we know you want answers to.

This article will strive to provide you with analysis and insights to help you answer these questions.

What was Responsible for the Latest Google Indexing Issue?

According to a statement released by Google in October, the culprit responsible for the issues users faced with indexing was caused by mobile indexing and canonicalization bugs. This issue started around September 23rd when most mobile users began to notice it. Websites facing either of these two issues experience a hard time getting their site’s indexing, and those with publishing the content experienced reduced rankings.

  • Mobile Indexing Issue: for cases where users had their previously indexed pages mysteriously disappear, Google acknowledged that it was due to mobile indexing bugs on their part.
  • Canonicalization Issue: canonicalization issues meant that the Google URL inspector had problems identifying URLs. In most cases, it tagged original URLs as duplicates and subsequently ranked these original sites lower. Users, in some cases, complaining about showing a wrong URL by Google or trouble viewing that particular page on Google’s index.

The canonicalization issue meant that when the original piece’s publisher searches for his work online, he would not see it in the index. Rather, the plagiarized copy is what pops up on the Google search page.

Has the Google Indexing Issue Been Resolved?

Google Search Liaison, early on in October, tweeted that the long-standing Google mobile indexing issue had been resolved. The statement indicated that 99% of the issue had been fixed and so users could use their accounts without fear of being deindexed. He stated, however, that the canonical indexing issue had not been completely resolved.

As of then, only about 55% of this canonicalization issue had been resolved. By November, a statement to the effect that all the issues with Google Indexing had been solved was issued. So as at the time of this post, we can tell you that the issue has been resolved. However, the short time this issue lasted had profound impacts on businesses.

Analysis of the Impact Google’s Latest Indexing Issues had On Businesses.

In basic terms, indexing refers to Google’s process before listing your web content on its search engine. The process of Google Indexing starts with crawlers visiting your site to discover what it is all about. After that, system algorithms check the site’s content quality and rate it against the audience’s wants.

For sites that had previously been indexed, the period of Google Indexing issues caused them to lose visibility and search conversions. With bugs causing homepages to disappear and many more, content publishers were forced to sit and watch as their sites quickly lost rank positions.


The latest google indexing issue threw people into confusion. In the Search Liason’s statement, Google acknowledged the issue due to mobile-indexing and canonicalization bugs. Sites experienced drops in visibility, decreased conversions, and reduced traffic. Thankfully, the issues have been resolved, and sites are now back up where they belong.

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