An MSI GL65 with an i7 and GTX 1660Ti for $769 is this weekend’s best gaming laptop deal


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Those looking for cheap gaming laptop deals are in a great place right now. Thanks to the encroaching release of the new RTX 3000 cards, slightly older (but still powerful) machines are now being driven down in price – just like this MSI GF65 Leopard going for $769 (was $1,249) at Newegg after rebate.

With a GTX 1660Ti graphics card, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and Intel Core i7-10750H processor, this MSI is incredibly well specced out for such a cheap gaming laptop deal. For 1080p gaming, it’s going to perform well for the price, and while that GTX card might be getting a little older now, it should still keep up for medium settings on the newest games for quite some time. For a little price comparison, see this identically specced out Asus M15 for $1,099 to see the kind of prices this configuration sometimes goes for.

Note: to get your full saving, you’ll have to make use of the $100 rebate gift card that’s included with your purchase. Sorry folks, that’s the catch here, and if you want your full saving, you’re probably going to have to mail in a card and wait for a while. According to Newegg’s rebate center page, however, there are no hidden fees or such, so it should be a fairly simple process to get your hands on that rebate.

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