Amazon Alexa introduces new options and voice controls for privacy


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As smart assistants become more common in our lives now, the importance of having controls over our privacy have become paramount. Amazon has now announced new controls for their Alexa voice assistant, giving users the ability to automatically delete voice recordings and also introduced new voice controls related to privacy.

Amazon Alexa will now give its users the choice of whether they wish to have their recordings saved or not. If users choose against saving their recordings, Alexa will immediately delete the recording as soon it is processed. The transcripts for these recordings however will be saved for a month before Amazon will delete them too. To access this setting, go to the Alexa app⇾ More Menu→ Settings→ Alexa Privacy→ Manage Your Alexa Data.

Just like before, users can continue to delete their recordings manually one by one, by date range, by Alexa-enabled device, or even all at once. One thing to remember is that if you delete these recordings, Alexa will no longer be able to provide personalized features to you.

Along with this, Amazon added new voice controls to Alexa that are privacy related. These include:

  • “Alexa, delete everything I’ve said.” – It will delete all recordings that Alexa had previously stored.
  • “Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?” When you ask, “Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?” – A direct link will be sent to you that takes you to the Alexa Privacy Settings in the Alexa app.
  • “How do I manage my data?” and “How does my data improve Alexa?”

These new privacy options and voice controls will be rolling out today to everyone. In addition, Amazon will begin sending periodical reminders via app notifications and emails to users to review their privacy settings so that they remain informed.

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