Almost 80% Of iPhone Users Want Touch ID To Come Back


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While there’s no denying the effectiveness of Face ID, there are some who might actually prefer the convenience of Touch ID. This is because sometimes Face ID fails to recognize faces if the phone isn’t angled properly or if you’re squinting, or aren’t looking directly at the phone. This is versus Touch ID that can unlock a phone without you having to raise it to your face.

For now, Apple seems more or less set on making Face ID a standard security feature on their iPhones, but the company might want to consider bringing Touch ID back. This is because according to a survey conducted by SellCell, it seems that 79% of iPhone users actually want Touch ID to make a comeback.

That being said, those who do wish to have Touch ID return could have their wishes granted. We have been hearing rumors that Apple is still working on bringing Touch ID to future iPhones in the form of an under-display sensor, although last we heard, it might not debut anytime soon as a recent rumor suggested that the iPhone 13 prototype does not have Touch ID in it.

We’re not sure what’s taking Apple so long to figure it out, especially when other Android handset makers have introduced under-display fingerprint sensors for a while now. To be fair, there is no confirmation on Apple’s end that they will bring Touch ID back, but hopefully these rumors will come true.

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