Alleged Leaked Screenshots ‘Confirms’ iPhone 12’s 120Hz Display


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An earlier report suggested that the iPhone 12 may or may not come with a 120Hz display. The report claimed that while Apple managed to obtain the 120Hz panels, they were having some trouble procuring the driver ICs, which could either lead to Apple delaying the launch of the iPhone 12 while waiting for the components, or to drop the feature entirely.

Now thanks to new leaked screenshots from Jon Prosser, it looks like the rumors could be true after all. The leaked screenshots allegedly show the display settings for the iPhone 12 where users are given the option to toggle the 120Hz display. Based on what we can see, the settings allow users to turn the feature on or off.

It also gives users the option of toggling an adaptive display, where depending on the app or situation, the iPhone 12’s display could alternate between 60Hz and 120Hz, which is what we’ve seen some other handsets offer in the past. Also, the reason for giving users the option to turn it on or off is to save battery, where obviously a higher refresh rate would most certainly use more battery.

That being said, this does not necessarily confirm that the feature is coming. Like we said earlier, based on the report, Apple could end up dropping the feature, but it does not mean that these screenshots are inaccurate. It could have been that Apple was preparing to launch the feature, so either way, we’ll have to wait and see.

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