Alleged iPhone 12 Braided Lightning Cable Shown Off In Photos


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The problem with official accessories is that they can be pretty expensive. Take Apple’s Lightning cable for example, there are much cheaper options out there, and for the price you pay, you would think that Apple would offer a much better quality product, especially since the Lightning cable is known to fray and has reportedly caused electrocutions in the past.

However, the good news is that Apple could change that this year with the iPhone 12 where thanks to new photos posted on Twitter b y Mr-White, it shows what is allegedly a braided Lightning to USB-C cable for the upcoming iPhone 12. This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about this, but the constant leaks are starting to suggest that it could be true.

Apple is rumored to not include a power adapter with its iPhones this year (and future iPhones as well), so we guess the “upgrade” to a more durable cable is some consolation. However, the USB-C end is a bit concerning. This is because not everyone necessarily has a USB-C power outlet, especially if you’re coming from an older iPhone like the iPhone X or iPhone XS series.

This means that for these users, they would need to spend more money getting a new power adapter from Apple, which once again does not come cheap. In any case, take it with a grain of salt but with Apple rumored to officially announce their new iPhones in October, we shouldn’t have to wait too long for the details.

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