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All about Hostinger Nameserver

Every hosting provider keeps the name of its hosting server, for example, GoDaddy. Bluehost, Hostinger & Name cheap etc. Through which you can connect the hosting with the domain by pointing to your domain. The hosting company started in Lithuania in 2004 and has emerged as the best service provider today. Friends, whenever you want to work in the online world, then you need web hosting from any company. Through this, you can save the storage of your site or you can easily understand any spam and start the site again.

Hostinger Name server

Why will you purchase this hostinger?

There are many hosting companies to say in India, but when it comes to good and cheap. Hostinger nameserver is the best chosen one, which offers a variety of profitable services.  For example hostinger provides you mentioned below benefits-

1 $ 2.99 /month

2 Unmetered traffic (unlimited GB)

3 100 websites

4 100 GB SSD storage

5 free weekly backup

6 free SSL

7 Free domain

8 optimized word press

9 free email

10 24/7/365 tech support

Hostinger servername is such a service provider company of web hosting. You can start your site work after buying it at cheap prices. Even after running more sites with Hostinger nameserver , the traffic on the site remains constant. Along with this, 100 sites can also be run on the same server, after which storage and free weekly backup are also available

Hostinger also provides SSL software which is very important and plays a big role in making our site secure.            

Hostinger Name server

Features = * it’s a provide fully word Press service

  • for security and protection, it provides BitNinja Protection
  • it full supports MYSQL and PHP
  • without having an account you connect to the live chat
  • there will be no c panel
  • it has three pricing plans single web hosting

Choose hostinger nameserver domain name

Most of Hostinger’s web hosting packages include domain names with extensions under which top-label domains such as .com.net are included. Hostinger nameserver offers many more domains apart from org etc.

At the same time, Hostinger DNS will protect information privacy will protect personal information from spammers.

Tips for choosing a domain name

  • Although there is no limit to a domain name, keep your domain name only for 2-3 long domains and there is a problem in remembering 
  • Do not use domain name numbers and slang words such difficult words can make your site difficult to reading
  • Whenever you select a domain name, see the keyword of your brand or company in it, after that it will rank well on Google, after which your brand value will increase and traffic will increase.
  • Before taking a domain name, it is very important to do complete research on it, whether it is a trademark by any other company or not.
  • Do not spend much time on a domain name when you can buy it quickly

What is name server?

The job of the hostinger dns servers is to convert the ip address to the domain name, after which it becomes easy for the user to access the website by typing the domain name due to the IP address. Should have 2 working server names once the domain name is registered example- ns1.servername.com, and ns2.servername.com. The server name is a major part of the domain name system. You can find this out with the WHOIS lookup tool.

How to change name server in hostinger for hosting?

First of all, you have to login by opening Hostinger, after login, the dashboard of Hostinger will open, after that you have to click on Manage Domain, a page will open in front of you, where you can change your name server, after that you can also update your hostinger dns name server.

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