After “Let’s Dance” victory: Anna Ermakova plans her future carefully


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After “Let’s Dance” victory
Anna Ermakova carefully plans her future

For Anna Ermakova, the past few months have been all about “Let’s Dance”. With success, because Boris Becker’s daughter inspires viewers and jury alike and wins this year’s season of the RTL show. Now the 23-year-old reveals how things will continue for her in the near future.

For weeks, Anna Ermakova danced into the hearts of the “Let’s Dance” viewers. After her victory, she now needs a little break to process the experiences, as Boris Becker’s daughter revealed in “Nähkästchentalk” on the RTL show’s YouTube channel.

Together with her dance partner Valentin Lusin, she also asked herself how things would continue for her after she took part in the television show. “A few days of vacation, I have to sleep and just do nothing,” said the 23-year-old. She also wants to see her boyfriend and mom and relax in the sun and in nature.

On Instagram, she also revealed that she will miss the training and the show. “The last three months have really felt like a wonderland and I will miss everything so much – the dancing, the training, the live shows and all the wonderful people I have met here,” it said of several photos.

No show planned on RTL

But the chances are good that fans will hear and see something from Anna Ermakova again soon. In an interview with RTL, she revealed: “But then there are still a few projects in the future that I can’t reveal anything about today.” These are not secret, but they are still working on them. In an interview, Valentin Lusin already revealed to the fans that Ermakova will be with him on the big “Let’s Dance” tour in the fall.

Contrary to any rumours, RTL is not planning its own show or any other TV commitment by the Becker subsidiary, as a spokesman for the Cologne broadcaster announced. If you want to see Anna Ermakova in action again, you can now watch all the episodes of the past “Let’s Dance” season on RTL+ look at.

In the meantime, the model has started the journey to the well-deserved break by plane. From the plane, Ermakova sent her followers a farewell greeting in her Instagram story and announced: “Bye Germany for now. After living here for three months, I will miss it very much. But I will be back very soon.”

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