After abuse judgment: Carroll sued Trump again


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After Abuse Judgment
Carroll is suing Trump again

After his sexual abuse conviction, Trump publicly attacked the plaintiff. She doesn’t want to let the insults sit on her – and is filing another lawsuit against the ex-president.

Almost two weeks after Donald Trump was sentenced to millions in compensation for sexual abuse and defamation, US author E. Jean Carroll is taking another legal action against the former US President. The reason for this are insults that Trump had spoken against the writer on CNN the day after the verdict, according to US media, citing the documents that Carroll submitted to a court in New York. Accordingly, she is now demanding another “very substantial” sum.

A New York grand jury on May 9 found it proven that Trump had assaulted and sexually assaulted Carroll in a New York upscale department store in 1996. The jury also ordered Trump to pay the 79-year-old a total of five million dollars (around 4.56 million euros) for defamation. Trump appealed the verdict.

The day after the verdict, Trump reportedly again denied Carroll’s account of the incident on CNN, accusing the author of a “made-up story.” Trump also claimed he never met Carroll and called her a “crazy”. The documents now submitted to the court reportedly state that Trump’s behavior must result in a “very substantial” payment of damages, also to prevent the ex-president from uttering further insults.

Writer Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a New York department store in the mid-1990s. The jury did not see the allegation of rape as proven. The real estate entrepreneur, who was not yet active as a politician at the time, had always rejected all accusations. The criminal allegations are statute-barred, but under civil law the 79-year-old Carroll was free to take legal action.

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