Africa Day: A Few Made In Africa Innovations To Be Proud Of


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“Necessity is the mother of invention.”. Especially in Africa, the continent that has responded to the world’s needs by creating some of the most widely used tech in the world.

This year’s Africa Day commemoration, on 25 May, marks 60 years since the day’s inception. It’s worth looking back, this Africa Day, on the contributions the continent has made to the world at large.

Made in Africa 1Every year, the African Union (AU) comes up with a theme that’s supposed to inspire Africans. It also hopes we’ll remember the theme throughout the year. 

This’s year’s theme is “Acceleration of AfCFTA implementation”. Good luck remembering this. Are you also wondering what ‘AfCFTA’ stands for? It’s the “African Continental Free Trade Area”. If all goes according to the theme, it’ll mean more trade, and hopefully, more innovation across Africa as countries in the continent start trading more with each other. Digital currency is probably involved

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