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Status: 06/18/2023 7:16 p.m

Incumbent Rico Badenschier (SPD) prevailed against AfD challenger Leif-Erik Holm in the mayoral runoff election in Schwerin. According to polling officer Bernd Nottebaum, Badenschier’s lead can no longer be caught up after the counting of a large part of the 79 polling districts.

Badenschier (SPD) and Holm (AfD) in a speech duel before the mayoral election in Schwerin.

Shortly before 7 p.m., Nottebaum assumed that Badenschier’s lead could no longer be caught, as he said on NDR MV Live. After counting 78 of the 79 constituencies, a good 67 percent of the votes went to the incumbent from the SPD. Around 80,000 eligible voters were called to the runoff election for the mayor’s office. In the first ballot two weeks ago, Badenschier received 42.0 percent of the votes cast, and 27.4 percent voted for Holm. The non-party Thomas Tweer, who was supported by the CDU, FDP and the Independent Citizens, missed the runoff with 17.1 percent, as did three other candidates.

voter turnout until 2 p.m. lower than two weeks ago

Almost 80,000 voters were able to decide whether the previous mayor should stay or there should be a new one. By 2 p.m., almost 23 percent of voters had ticked the box. That is a good 1.5 percentage points less than in the first ballot two weeks ago. However, the number of postal voters increased, as can be seen from information provided by the election officer, Bernd Nottebaum. 15,000 eligible voters had requested the relevant documents for the runoff, almost 2,000 more than in the first ballot. The turnout at the time was 50.6 percent.

election recommendations for swimming skis

In addition to the Schwerin Left and Greens, the CDU also made a recommendation for Badenschier after the first ballot. The FDP could not bring itself to make an election recommendation. The 44-year-old physician Badenschier has been in charge of Schwerin’s administration since 2016. The 52-year-old former radio presenter Holm has been deputy chairman of the AfD parliamentary group since 2017. The Lord Mayor of Schwerin is elected for seven years. You can follow the counting of the votes from 6 p.m. on the NDR website.

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