A maximum of 21,000 euros subsidy for heating conversion


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Status: 04.07.2023 10:12 p.m

The traffic light groups have worked out further details on the heating law. It is about the specific funding amounts for a heating replacement. The parties agreed to a motion that ARD Capital Studio present.

The traffic light fractions imagine it like this: If the owner of a single-family home installs climate-friendly heating, up to 30,000 euros of the total bill can be subsidised. And at most 70 percent. This means that the state pays a maximum of 21,000 euros for a heating conversion. It is not yet clear who will receive funding and what funding quota will apply. The federal government must present a detailed concept by the end of September.

In the case of apartment buildings, the SPD, Greens and FDP also want investment costs of 30,000 euros to be subsidized – for the first residential unit. A lower amount should apply to additional units. The background is that apartment buildings usually have central heating – so no individual systems are necessary for each apartment.

Capping should prevent price usury

Capping the subsidy is also intended to prevent possible price usury for new heating systems. If the state were to pay a percentage of the total bill without a limit, heating contractors would possibly charge higher bills.

The Building Energy Act is to be passed by the Bundestag on Friday – including this application by the traffic light groups. In essence, the law stipulates that from next year newly installed heating systems must be operated with at least 65 percent renewable energy.

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