A free update to WiiM’s cheap wireless high-res music streamer adds a great feature found on expensive streamers


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At just $149 (£149 / around AU$225) the WiiM Pro is an inexpensive music streamer that packs the kind of feature set you’d expect to see on streamers priced much higher. That fact alone makes it an incredible value, but the company has just announced that the WiiM Pro has received Roon Ready certification – a feature typically found on the kind of high-end audio components with stratospheric pricing.

In our WiiM Pro review, we found it to be an excellent option for adding not just high-res streaming capability to an existing speaker system, but also for wireless multi-room streaming capability. Same as with a Sonos setup, this lets you listen to tracks from the best music streaming services on a single system, or play them across multiple systems with everything managed by an easy to use control app.

Roon interface shown on various device screens

Roon’s extensive metadata makes listening to music a multi-media experience (Image credit: Roon Labs)

What Roon Ready certification adds to the mix is the ability to use the WiiM Pro as an endpoint for Roon’s sophisticated music management and playback software. If you’re not familiar with Roon, here’s how it’s described in WiiM’s press release announcing the update:

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