A Detailed Guide To Protect Your Instagram Profile

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This article is an essential guide to protect your profile on Instagram and keep away from having your safe information exposed or getting hacked. Go through for elaborated explanations and instructions about Instagram’s risk and see why it is crucial to be in the Instagram security zone.

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication.
  • Don’t give your location access.
  • Maintain your profile info private.
  • Revoke access to third-party apps.


Instagram is the glorious and fun side to showcase your creative side when snapping pictures and sharing those pictures with your fans. It is a great network to develop a personal brand or share your entire work. Also, it is a perfect way to produce magnificent content across the world. It’s a superb social media network that drives various risks for your personal info and yourself.

Detailed Guide To Protect Your Instagram Profile

A report says that many social media bots are stealing the identities of popular users on the platform and misusing it on other sources. We need to know more about the knowledge on social media, so we must take full advantage of privacy and security options on the platform. Although your Instagram profile is surrounded only by your families, friends, colleagues, there may be a chance of getting your private info through hacking.


Due to this, securing your Instagram account and other social media channels becomes mandatory to overcome social media hazards.


You need to ask yourself two or three simple questions before jumping into the deep explanations:

  • Are you a private person or a public person?
  • Is it okay for you to mention your real name?
  • Do you need to work on online branding?
  • Do you want to expose your workplace, your location, or your living area?


Ask these four questions every time you upload images on the platform or when your children use it. Now, we can walk into the Instagram privacy options and security available for you to include to build your 100% protection online.


Make Your Instagram Profile To Private

You could make your Instagram profile private if you don’t need your pictures to be public and seen by everyone.


Follow these points if you only want to share your pictures with the Instagram users you select, like your family and friends:

  • Launch your profile window on the platform.
  • Tap the three dots on the right side at the top.
  • You would get the “Private Account” term at your screen’s bottom. Bring it ON to activate the security setting term(The option must turn to blue color).


Through activating this term, the only users who follow you on the platform could get your online pictures.


Block Followers Who You Don’t Know Personally

You have created a profile on the platform, and you need more followers. So, you begin following unknown people from the suggestion list. In the same way, some users follow you in return. So, you might get unacceptable comments to your Instagram pictures from them after some days or instantly. Or, they won’t interact with any of your Instagram posts, and you identify that they’re lurking.


Though turning ON the term(security setting) to bring your pictures private on the platform, it won’t make your Instagram posts private for the followers who’re following you already.


So here, you need to remove that specific user from your profile(Block), and it’s the only way to stop them from getting your profile.


Follow these points to remove(Block) a follower from your list:

  • Open your follower’s list, and monitor the users who follow you.
  • Click on an Instagram user who you need to block
  • Then click on the menu option on the right corner at the top.
  • A pop-up appears; here, click on the “Block User” choice.


Make Your Instagram Profile’s Infos More Private

Don’t provide multiple securable data in your Instagram profile and especially in the EDIT PROFILE section.


Don’t bring any personal info in your Bio section. For more privacy options, don’t showcase the status of your activity(the last time on the platform you were active). To bring this, click on the menu option at the top right side, scroll down, and do the option “Show Activity Status” off. So that no one sees your last active time on the platform, and thus you can freely respond to users via including good ideas.


Don’t Explore Your Location

Making your location services on the platform off is another crucial factor to bring yourself more secure by hiding your several personal credentials.


Also, it’s a crucial factor for every check-in made at work, at home, or during vacation time. Various thief cases were pointed out because of the multiple check-ins done on social media. People move for a vacation, bookmark about vacation online, and return home to know the emptied place.


Thus the first important thing is to avoid multiple check-ins, especially pictures. Via phone settings, you could turn off your Locations. If you need to remove the check-ins that you have already on the platform, here is a way to remove location services from photos on Instagram:

  • Land on your pictures on Instagram.
  • Get the images that acquire a location tag and click on the options(three dots at the top right side).
  • Choose edit, then tap the location of the photo. That location will be deleted if you clear the location field empty.


Accept Photo Tags Manually

Just imagine yourself when someone uploads degrading pictures with you on the platform, a picture your family members or friends shouldn’t see.


That is why it’s essential to always hand-approve every tag to acquire trustable automatic Instagram likes for social proof for increasing reach and content safety terms. The excellent solution for this is to activate an option on the platform which brings you to add pictures manually you have been tagged into your Instagram profile.


Follow these points accordingly to bring this:

  • Land on your profile on Instagram, and go to the “Photos of you” section.
  • Click on the menu option on the top right side.
  • Select an option to upload photos to your Instagram profile manually.


Hide Live Videos And Instagram Stories From Particular People

You want to maintain your privacy not only just for location or photos but the Instagram stories too.


It is simple to hide your story content from a particular person or a group of people from your follower’s list. Here are the exact points to hiding the stories:

  • Land on your Instagram profile.
  • Click on the menu option.
  • Here, go to the “Story Settings” and tune the slider option for maximum & accurate privacy.


For 100% security on the platform, you can turn off the sharing your story content option to Facebook, select the people you need to hide story content from, and choose who could reply to your videos.


Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

It’s an additional protective shield for your Instagram profile. If any hacking person finds out your credentials, they can’t enter your Instagram profile as they would want this mandatory second factor to recognize themselves.


The second factor brings out a different, time-sensitive code that you acquire through text messages on your mobile devices. You have to do this every time you want to enter into your Instagram profile from new devices.


Also, it’s essential to set up the password uniquely and powerfully to your Instagram account. Here are the steps to turn on this feature on the platform:

  • Land on your Instagram profile.
  • Tap the menu option.
  • Here, you can find the “Two-Factor Authentication” option; tap on it.
  • Please turn on the option and adjust it via your mobile devices.


That’s it. You have finished the process now. If you log in to your Instagram profile anytime using any device, you want to enter the password and the additional distinct code you acquire through a text message.


Revoke Access To Every Third-party App

Most likely, you have logged in to the third-party apps through your social media channels. So that the other services or social channels analyze your follower’s count and posts. For privacy and security matters, you need to provide access only to authentic applications. Don’t forget that those applications have an entry to your info and profile.


So spend your time and do some cleaning. You want to bring this through a browser, not in the application. Track every application that you are allowed to access your profile and use your account. If you feel unsafe from an app(you do not remember them, look suspicious), revoke access to that specific app.


Here are the points to bring that:

  • Launch your Instagram profile from a browser(laptop/desktop).
  • Tap your profile picture at your screen’s top right, and select “Edit Profile.”
  • Choose “Manage Applications” from the options. Then, the page directs you to adjust the applications that you authorized to utilize your profile on Instagram. Revoke access to every app that may bring your profile vulnerable.


Here, you can also hide every inappropriate comment on the platform or filter specific phrases or words.


Essential Points To Follow Strictly While Uploading On Instagram

  • Don’t upload sensitive info in your captions or photos.
  • Don’t showcase your location.
  • If possible, ensure any background details don’t reveal the location.
  • If possible, avoid the hashtags relevant to your locations or private data.
  • Don’t upload violent pictures or videos.
  • Don’t upload other people’s images without their acceptance.
  • Don’t engage in bullying.
  • Note for parents – don’t upload your kid’s photos on social media or other public channels.
  • Ensure to log out if you log in from any other devices other than yours.


Did you Identify Who Is Watching You?

If you need to find perfect people on the platform or build your brand, make it organically via the following hashtags and people, then begin a conversation with them. Follow the tips mentioned above to make your Instagram profile safer.


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