5 Ways Cloud IT Solutions Can Save You Money


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Cloud computing involves using a network of remote servers hosted online to store, manage and process data, rather than traditional local servers. In this article we will discuss five ways you can save money by moving your IT systems to the cloud.

Cloud computing can save businesses money which would usually be spent on software updates, utility bills and employee wages.

1. Spend less on updating your software

New versions of software like word processing and anti-virus programmes are constantly being launched making it difficult for companies to keep up to date. Purchasing new software updates and renewing licenses can be extremely expensive which is why most companies have to set themselves a strict budget. Not only does it cost a lot of money to purchase new software but it also costs businesses time and money to actually do the updating. This is time that could be spent on doing something much more productive.

Using cloud-based IT solution you can free up the time and money spent on updating software. You will no longer need to purchase your own versions of software, as this will be the responsibility of your cloud IT solutions provider. There is also no need to update your software yourself as this will be taken care of by your provider and including in your monthly service fee.

2. Only spend money on the products you actually want

One of the main benefits of cloud computing solutions is their flexibility. There are a wide range of services to choose from so you can select the ones that will be most beneficial for your business. Providers will be more than happy to tailor your package to meet the needs and requirements of your business. This enables you to select services that fit in with your business budget and prevent you from having to buy additional services that you will not really use.

3. Rent a smaller office

Traditional computer equipment like servers and other hardware can take up a lot of room in an office. For many businesses this has meant that they have had to rent a larger office to accommodate the size of their servers. By moving to the cloud you can free up this space as you will not need to store so much equipment on-site. You then have the option to downsize your office space and therefore save on rent, or leasing the space out to freelancers and other small businesses to make a little extra cash.

4. Save on IT staff wages

Hiring a team of IT technicians to manage your IT infrastructure can be very expensive. Not only do you need to account for their wages, but employee benefits too. By moving your IT system to the cloud you can save money spent on employee wages. Your IT system will be managed by the cloud provider who will take care of security updates, bugs and errors, backup and recovery and all of the processes included in your package. Rather than spending money on hiring staff, you can simply pay a monthly fee for the services you use, saving your business a lot of money.

The cloud provides a safe and secure place for businesses to store all of their important information at just a small cost compared to traditional data centres.

5. Save money on electricity bills

Cloud IT solutions can also save you money that you would traditionally spend on utility bills. Running servers and data centres uses a lot of electricity and your utility bills can quickly become very expensive. By moving your IT system to the cloud you can save on this electricity which is not only cost effective but environmentally friendly too!


There are many ways in which cloud IT support services can save your business money. It has become a growing trend with more and more businesses replacing their traditional on-premise equipment with the virtual alternative. Cloud computing is a cost effective solution and is definitely the way forward for modern day businesses.

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