5 things we love about the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer – and 2 things we don’t


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This weekend, Zack Snyder revealed the first trailer of his new Justice League cut, which is coming to the HBO Max streaming service in 2021. It’s unclear how Zack Snyder’s Justice League will release in countries without the streamer, like the UK, but Snyder promised a distribution plan is in the works that’ll let everyone see it. 

The trailer pretty much gave Snyder’s fans what they wanted: scenes that were once teased for the 2017 movie but ended up on the cutting room floor, as well as confirmed appearances of characters that were eventually sliced out of the film. Generally, I predict the Snyder version of Justice League will end up being better than the muddled 2017 film, even if I’m fairly confident it’ll provoke a divisive reaction in the same way his other DC Comics adaptations have.

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