5 Critical Web Design Factors To Make a Shopping Portal

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Online shopping is a hassle-free way of getting any product. Website owners must work diligently to get the support and attention of their visitors. For making a shopping portal work, there are several design aspects that you need to master. The following are the five Critical Web Design factors To Make a Shopping Portal that you can apply to your website to make it work.

Remember The 5 Critical Web Design Factors To Make a Shopping Portal

1. User-Friendly Navigation

Website visitors need to quickly find the information they are looking for. Treat this as a critical aspect for the success of your e-commerce venture because you have just a few seconds. Not many visitors spend more time than this and if they will not find the information they are looking for, they will leave for good. User-friendly navigation in this regard is key so that you can offer an exceptional user experience to the visitor. 

Great UX design, coupled with navigation that leaves nothing to the imagination, will work for you. Allow your visitors to browse through different categories right from the homepage rather than looking for that information on subsequent pages. Apt use of menus will help you in getting there so that everything is crystal clear. Offer your users how to filter the information coming price, color, and size of the product for making the process as easy as possible. 

You literally have to spoon-feed all the information to your visitors because not many visitors will give your website more than a few minutes. If they can’t find all the information and the product you are looking for, you will get a good lead. Otherwise, your chances are bleak in this regard.

2. Security Features

Even though people now use websites for online shopping more than ever, there are some aspects that create some doubts in their minds. Providing their sensitive information to any random website is not easy for most people as they speak to websites which they regularly visit. Make sure that all your visitors are willing to offer you every information you need from them, you must convince them that your website is perfectly secure and safe to use. 

This is not something very difficult to understand; if your visitors don’t trust you, they will not buy any product from your website. Insufficient security features will make your website look amateurish. There are significant business and financial risks involved when dealing with non-secure websites and that’s why not many people are willing to use such websites. 

Buy an SSL certificate as this will give you the freedom and to use your website for transmitting data securely. Address Verification System (AVS) and Credit Card Verification (CCV) at checkout is also important. Also, offering your customers the option of creating secure passwords, and updating them regularly is another aspect that is a requirement rather than an extra or special feature. 

3.  Shopping Cart & Easy Checkout

Some aspects of this point may be related to web development, but web design is also an integral part of it. Online shopping portals have tough competition nowadays as most of the shoppers are preferring online shopping rather than going to physical stores. Easy-to-use carts are a must requirement so that the shoppers can use them without much effort.

Never assume that all the visitors on your website know their way as to how to use your portal, fill the shopping cart, and checkout. Educate them so that no one will abruptly leave the website, not knowing how to proceed. 

Use of Proper Icons  

A shopping cart is used to add items and then check them out, use the icons aptly to make this happen. Design of icons related to shopping carts is usually in the form of shopping trolleys. Don’t experiment too much with the design so that it doesn’t sound great and the visitor will not be able to comprehend it. Don’t miss the Critical Web Design Factors To Make a Shopping Portal, This is easy for your customer. Some customizations according to your product can make a good case for your cart to be recognized by your customers. 

The easy checkout process is also one aspect that you need to think about. Usually, in the world check out his without any and as it is prominent and widely used. But you can tweak it a bit so that you can offer something unique to the visitors. Never underestimate the power of a design as it arouses different feelings and reactions.

4. Availability of the Products and Use of Pictures & Videos

After everything you have done, you fall into despair if you will not be able to do justice here and there will be no going back. What is all about offering products to your visitors and you are out of stock? The availability of the product can make or break your business as there are several aspects that you need to ponder about. And then there is the use of high-quality pictures and videos to get the attention of the visitors. 

Never feel shy about using pictures that are original even if they show your product, not to the optimum. The use of stock photos can make your website look ordinary and run-of-the-mill. Use pictures and videos so that you can have a look at them and get impressed by their originality and quality. The uniqueness of the pictures can be the X-factor so that it can hold the attention of your visitors right from the word go. 

Use videos aptly so that it can have a profound effect on anyone interested in your products. The use of short videos featuring your product is also one way to make any design work in your favor. Never shy away from getting the consultancy of a web design company that can help you out in achieving your target.

5. FAQ & Contact Us Page

Don’t think that FAQs are not seen by many people. In fact, for shopping portals, this can be really essential as many people are interested in knowing the terms and conditions of how they will get the products. The return policy and other important issues related to the shipment are also discussed so that you must take the design of this page very seriously. 

Every section should be highlighted with design. All the related questions should be easily readable and ample space is given between every section. White space can be really important in highlighting all the questions so that every visitor will get the answer in a quick time. 

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