5 Best Android Tracking Apps In 2021

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We all love to use the latest Android phones, which are quite expensive also. But keeping besides its price, we would love to buy expensive Android phones. What happens if you lose your Android phone? Quite scary, right. Suppose you lost your way while traveling. That is why some computer science engineers develop very effective and useful Android tracking apps

Best Android Tracking Apps

These Android tracking apps help you to track your device with the help of its GPS location. This is one of the most important features in every Android mobile, built-in your device to track them when required. These Android tracking apps work on tracking their GPS locations. It also helps to locate persons, stolen vehicles, you want to know how? continue reading this. These GPS tracking apps work with Google Maps and locate the correct position of your Android devices. This year, 2021, we have some latest and effective Android tracking apps mentioned below in complete detail.




This is one of the best Android tracking apps which is popular globally. It has AI features that make it advance. This app can navigate your location even if it is 50 million times far from you. Which is very amazing. The best part about this application is it can be used easily even if you are offline in TomTom maps. It’s another version that is paid and has some more impressive and outstanding features. It can easily track your GPS location. 

This application’s main feature is it comes with a complete voice navigation guide that helps you track the way. It works offline without the internet. Inbuilt assistant which helps you to speak to correct street names. Various options for a particular route. Live information on traffic services. Give few safety warnings of railway crossing and everything which comes in your way. The rating of this app is 4.6 out of 5. Now you can imagine the quality and features offered by this application.




A GPS map camera is one of the best solutions to track your device. It is highly trustable. It works on Android as well as iOS devices. This application can capture live photos of the address where it is present. It can automatically share its live location and the photo. It works in a real-time environment, which is very good. 

Once you’ve clicked a picture from this GPS map camera, it automatically detects its location and complete details. The most useful and effective features of this application are it works on different types of file formats. Sharing of location becomes very easy with this application. It offers you different drawing styles on the map. Navigation is very simple. It has a 4.5 rating out of 5, which is impressive.




This is one of the most recommended applications which works well on Android devices. The only drawback of this application is it does not work on iOS devices. This application can track your complete route with a high-quality map view. This application is the user-friendly user can share their details like location in real-time. This application supports different types of file formats and can store your history. 

Another important feature is it helps to compress the file and convert them into zip files. It can show you the actual graph of your speed on trips. It has another version which has some more impressive and additional features which is the first choice. This application is highly trustable and you can use it without any doubt. This application’s main features are the adjustment of map positions is very easy as this device is highly user-friendly. Properly notified you after a fixed distance. It offers you a customizable interface. The online rating of this application is 4.5 out of 5.




This one of the biggest community-based navigation apps. This is one of the most useful GPS tracking Android applications in 2021. The main objective of this tracking application is to make your traveling easy, comfortable, and happy. It gives you proper guidance by voice after every turn. You can add your friends from FB to contact them while traveling. It gives you complete detail of your surroundings, whether it is a petrol pump or any gas station. One important feature of this application is it works on the map very much. Highly updated maps. Complete voice support. Connected with friends. Proper atmospheric details. It works on Android as well as on iOS devices both. It has 4.4 ratings out of 5.


5. LIFE 360


This is one of the famous applications among families as it is designed for connecting you with your family while traveling. Users can add their complete friend circle or family circle in this application and give them access to detect its location, which is basically for his or her safety purpose. You can send an emergency message when required. 

Some important features of this application are easy to share location in your close circle. Can connect your friend circle or family circle. Highly private. Can communicate by keeping complete privacy. Can send urgent messages to your family or friends. It has a 4.4-star rating out of 5. This application also works on Android as well as iOS devices. This is also one of the trustable applications as it keeps your things private.



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