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Facebook is introducing three new ways for users to find short-form videos that are most relevant to them, as well as new controls to help customize their video experiences on the platform.

Discovering relevant Reels. Facebook is making it simpler for users to find Reels throughout the app, including some updates to their appearance in Facebook Watch.

Reels have also been added to the primary navigation at the top of Facebook Watch, providing quick access to short-form videos and making it easier for users to discover creators, trends, and content that aligns with their interests. Moreover, when watching videos on Facebook, users can now smoothly scroll between reels and long-form videos.

New ways to personalize Reels. Facebook is attempting to offer users more control over the reels they see across the app, similar to other personalization tools on the platform. There are two new ways to do this:

  • Show more, Show less: Facebook wants reels to mirror users’ interests, enabling them to explore current passions while also helping them uncover interests, creators, and communities they may appreciate in the future. Users can now influence the types of reels they see more or less of by tapping the three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player and selecting either Show More or Show Less. This option will also start to appear below reels and videos in the Watch feed. Choosing Show More on a reel will temporarily increase its ranking score and that of similar reels. Opting for Show Less will temporarily decrease its ranking score. By collecting direct user feedback, Facebook can make reels ranking more intelligent and better aligned with user preferences.
  • Contextual labels: Facebook is introducing new labels on the Reels video player to clarify why users are seeing particular reels — for instance, because a friend liked it.

Dig deeper. Review the announcements on the Meta blog.

Why we care. By leveraging the platform’s intelligent ranking system and contextual labels, advertisers can effectively target users with interests that align with their brand or product offerings, resulting in more meaningful interactions and potentially higher conversion rates. The integration of Reels within the Facebook app and its navigation system further ensures a steady stream of user attention, making it an ideal channel for advertisers to invest in and capitalize on for maximum visibility and impact.

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