2021 Samsung Neo QLED and QLED lineup to feature 4K 120Hz panels with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Technology built-in


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With the recent launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, gaming on TVs has become mainstream again with manufacturers pushing out gaming focused features to cater to the demand. Samsung has announced that their 2021 lineup of Neo QLED and QLED TVs will support a lot of these features such as low response time, high 120Hz refresh rate and more.

Nearly all of these features have been present in gaming monitors for quite a while now. However, for TVs, the technology has lagged behind. Thankfully, the release of the next-gen consoles has accelerated the adoption rate of these new technologies in TVs.

Samsung’s new QLED and Neo QLED TVs for 2021 are capable of gaming at 4K 120Hz, with low response times, auto low latency mode, variable refresh rate and more. The TVs will be one among the first to support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Technology, which will help eliminate tearing and enable a smoother gaming experience.

Samsung’s QLED TVs will also feature a new Game Bar in its dedicated game mode, where users can adjust the screen aspect ratio, check input lag, connect wireless headsets, and more. Along with this, the TVs will support Game Object Tracking Sound, which uses AI to simulate sound sources based on where they are in the gameplay.

Commenting on the gaming experiences offered by the 2021 QLED lineup, Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President at Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics said:

Consumers want premium TVs that can enhance the gaming experience – whether they are playing on PC or on a console. This is why it was critical for us to build upon and optimize key gaming features from both our award-winning monitors and TV displays in 2021. These enhancements will allow consumers to unlock the full power of next-gen gaming on our Neo QLED and QLED line.

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