15 percent more wages: Verdi members vote for an indefinite strike at Deutsche Post


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Dhe members of the Verdi union employed by Deutsche Post have spoken out in favor of an indefinite strike. 85.9 percent of the participants in a corresponding vote rejected the im tariff dispute submitted the company’s offer, as the union announced on Thursday. The Post therefore offered further negotiations; they are scheduled to continue on Friday.

Verdi is demanding a wage increase of 15 percent for a period of twelve months. According to Deutsche Post, this corresponds to an additional burden of around one billion euros per year for the group.

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Die German postal service had previously announced that it was expecting an indefinite strike. The group sees itself prepared for the consequences of a strike and relies on officials and non-Verdi members who could help absorb the consequences of the strike, said letter and parcel boss Nikola Hagleitner. Post boss Frank Appel said that the post would not do anything that he knew would permanently question the letter and parcel business in Germany.

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