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12 skills required for web developer - www.techbuzzpro.com

Skills needed for web developer” becomes very important if you want to become a web developer. In this article I will tell you the 12 skills required for web developer.

Today in the world, every second seven websites are created. From this you can imagine that many people are creating website. These websites may be blog, ecommerce and socialmedia,etc.

To create such type of websites people need web developers. As a individual you should have skills required for web development .

Let’s come to our main topic, “essential skills required for web developer”.

What are web developer essential skills required for website development?

what are web development skills required for website development - www.techbuzzpro.com

Web development skills are the skills which are required to make a website or webpage. As you know that this industry is growing at faster rate. Many people haire ‘web developers’ to create their website .

Or if you want to create a webpage or website for yours. Then you should have some essential skills needed to become a web developer. If you work for other people or companies then you should have this essential skills required for website development.

Now,we will see the essential skills required for web developer 

What are the essential skills required for web developer in 2021?

There are 12 essential skills needed for website developer are given below. If you want to become a web developer then you have to master these skills.

  • Html (Hyper text mark up language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive design
  • Testing and debugging skill needed for we development
  • Framework of CSS & JavaScript
  • Search engine optimization
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Website performance
  • Version control
  • Coding
  • Browser developer tools

12 skills required for web developer - techbuzzpro.com

1.HTML (Hyper text mark up language)

HTML - www.techbuzzpro.com

HTML stands for hyper text mark up language . It plays a important role in our website . A mark up language is your way of making notes in a digital document that can be distinguished from regular text. It’s the most basic building block you’ll need for developing websites. 

Without html you can’t build the website. If you want to become a web developer or you are a web developer then you should have a good knowledge of html. 

In HTML you should know it’s tags . Because tags are important in HTML . Here tags means <HTML>,<body> and <tittle>,etc. There are many tags in HTML but you should have know about the basic html tags.

2.CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS - www.techbuzzpro.com

The another language that is used for website development is CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS helps to create the design and layout of website.

In css we can create design and layout for web page which makes our website more attractive to our website visitors . Where html work as a building block of website ,the css helps to fonts , text , layout and design,etc for website.

CSS can also be used to display our site properly in desktop or mobile devices. Html and css becomes essential if you want to become a web developer. So, you have a good knowledge of both of them.


Javascript - www.techbuzzpro.com

The another language that is used in the development of website is javascript. Javascript is very popular programming languages to program computers and website .

There are also a some easiest language like php or python to program language. But Javascript is used world wide in website development .

Javascript gives a interactive view to the visitors. With javascript we create search bar, moving objects , videos, audio and interactive mapping on web page.

4.Responsive Design

Responsive Design - www.techbuzzpro.com

Some time ago ,the only way to see a website was by using a computer or desktop. But the time has been changed . Today website are visited by mobile, tablet or pc,etc. So,it becomes very important that website looks properly in these devices.

Looking proper on other devices should have a responsive design. If your website is made for desktop users then the website will don’t look properly in mobile device. 

So, it becomes important that you have to create a responsive design. That attracts users experience. Creating a responsive design is in your hands. You should have skills and knowledge of html,css and javascript language to create responsive design for your website.

5.Testing & Debugging Skill Needed For Web Development

Testing & Debugging - www.techbuzzpro.com

Here debugging skill means finding errors,bugs and mistakes in website. About 35% of time web developer focus on finding bugs. It is complicated and time consuming.

It takes a lot of time find bugs and error in website. But after some time it becomes very interesting . It becomes like finding or solving puzzles.

The most essential skills for web developer in 2021 is to find bugs or errors on webpage . In the earlier testing and debugging skills will be boring but after some time.

It will become interesting.

6.Framework Of CSS & JavaScript

You have already know about the css and javascript but there are a lot of things you should know about . What is css & javascript framework ? When start coding a website. You can’t create the contents of website first.

You have to create the framework of website . Here framework of website means the structure of website. You should have to first create the framework work . Framework may be the search bar , website tittle ,slidbar etc.

When you create a framework you don’t have to code for your design and structure of website. You only have to code for your content . Javascript and CSS framework are bunch of files that provides same functionality .

You can also see more about css and javascript framework in internet . It becomes very important that you should have knowledge about these framework to become a web developer.

7.Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - www.techbuzzpro.com

A website developer should have knowledge about search engine optimization or in short called seo . Today in the world companies or website owner want more visitors for their business . This can only be achieved by search engines optimization. 

By seo their content will be displayed in search results . They can get new visitors to their website. For this a seo friendly websites should be created. This is also a essential skill required for web developer.

8.Interpersonal or Communication Skills

Along with technical knowledge about website development you should have good communication skills . Because if you work in company or as a individual. You should have a perfect manner to talk with clients from whom you are creating website.

This may also include good social skills, collaboration , good body language, listing skills and a positive attitude. You should have positive attitude towards your client to make the work smoothly. These skills are needed to become a web developer.

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9.Website performance

Website performance - www.techbuzzpro.com

Now, you may have know about html,css and javascript. But there is also a big thing you must know about that is web performance. Here website performance means “the time or speed taken by the website for loading”. 

If the website takes a long time then users will leave the website and go to the another webpage. There are a lot things you can do to increase your website speed and performance.

But the main of them is optimising images ,compress images to reduce it size and don’t use unnecessary code, etc . By this ways you can increase your website speed.

To become a web developer you should know about how to increase your website speed and performance.

10.Versions Control

After you have type html,css or javascript code in website. Now ,it becomes important to know that of there is any mistake in code or not. Because if there is missing or incorrect then it will makes errors in website. 

To overcome this you should check your codes after coding. There is software name git . Which will help you to go back  without touching the other codes of website. You can get more information about git tool from internet. Because if ,I explain it then the article becomes very long.


Creating website from html,css or javascript takes a lot of time .so,you have to master coding. Mastering coding means decrease the time to create a website.

There is no tool master coding. But it can done only by practice. The more you practice your coding speed will be increases. 

This is also a essential skills required for web developer because if you don’t create a website in time .Then You can not become a web developer.

12.Browser Developer Tools

The users visit website through web browser . You HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes are read by web browser . After it they represent it to the users. If your website coding has errors then it will represent wrong to visitors.

But most of web browser have inspector to detect errors but you should have to type correct code because some code are left by browsers .

These are essential skills needed for web developer. There also may be more skills but I have included basic skills required to become a web developer.


I hope, I was able to give required information to you about essential skills required for web developer.

Is information is useful to you? Are there more skills needed to become a web developer?

Let me know by commenting in the comment box.

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