10 Netflix movies and TV shows you might’ve missed in 2020


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Even a worldwide pandemic hasn’t stopped Netflix in its quest to be the most prolific content-making machine around. By the time that this year from hell draws to a close, the streaming giant will have dropped more than 450 different originals in the space of just 12 months. 

Of course, from Tiger King to Emily in Paris, most of us appear to have spent lockdown binge watching the same handful of guilty pleasures. But away from the worlds of mullet-haired polygamous zoo owners and ludicrous French stereotypes, you’ll find numerous other new films, shows and specials worthy of gracing your Netflix watchlist. Here’s a look at ten of 2020’s most underrated movies and TV shows.


Netflix: Tigertail

(Image credit: Netflix)

Writer/director Alan Yang had already touched upon the Asian-American immigrant experience in the sublime ‘Parents’ episode of Master of None. In his semi-autobiographical feature-length debut, the Emmy winner gets to further expand on the sacrifices made, hardships faced and opportunities missed by the likes of his real-life father. 

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