10 Important Things to Remember While Creating a Whiteboard Animation


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Whiteboard is one of the most amazing kind of video animations that not only used as the source of entertainment but also helpful in delivering the right messages to the audience.

Many people wanted to become the best whiteboard animators, but they lack at some point, which is unknown to them as well. To overcome these flaws, here are some important points that every whiteboard must keep in mind to avoid having fallbacks while creating the whiteboard video animations.

1. Provide a Decent Story to The Video to Make it Powerful

People only take an interest in pictures only if it is telling a story. Since we are living a story of our own, we always search for the ways to look at it in some way. Create a perfect story for your whiteboard video animation to grasp the interest of your audience.

2. Characters Are The Backbone of Stories

Have you ever heard of any story without any characters? Have you seen a video that does not have anyone to play a specific role? The answer would be a big “no.” Characters are the vital parts of every story, and if you are creating the story for any brand make sure that the characters of the stories revolve around the persona of the target audience.

3. Follow The Traditional Whiteboard Drawing Concepts

The traditional concept of the storyboard is to have the white background, the continuous black drawings and the hand that is sketching the picture of the whiteboard video animation; these three things are the primary requirements for the whiteboard animations to differ from another kind of animations.

4. Add a Little Something to Get an Extra Credit

You have the option of adding a single tone color for highlighting something in your whiteboard video animation. If you are creating a whiteboard animation for any brand, then add the colors of the brand emblem, and if you are making a video for something personal, then you can add simple and decent colors for making it look good. For example, if you are creating a scene of a sea, you can colorized whiteboard animation sharks grey, or maybe the color the boat with a slightly darker shade than white to make it look astounding.

5. Drawing Hand Is Compulsory, Don’t Miss It

Without the drawing hand the whiteboard animation won’t look like whiteboard animation, so don’t forget to draw it.

6. Use The Audience Emotion As The Weapon

The audience is seeking for something personal in the advertisements they watch or in the visualizations that are represented in front of them. Use their emotions to elucidate the concept in your animations so that they can easily get hold of the idea.

7. Connect The Drawings

Whiteboard animation pictures are always linked with each other. Do not at any cost miss this point!

8. Deliver a Useful Lesson

People always seek out their personal benefit in everything they hear and see. Try to convey the right message with the animations that you are creating.

9. Don’t Forget to Read Your Script Out Loud

Sometimes when we are doing the writing, we make typos or miss words accidentally in a hurry. It is beneficial if you will read out the script before finalizing it and implying it in the whiteboard video animation that you are planning to create.

The practice of reading your script loud out will not only point out your mistakes but also help you to hear what your script sounds like. You can easily judge whether your script is it too casual or too formal, or is it an appropriate script or not.

10. Use the Appropriate Tool for Creating the Whiteboard Animations

There are many tools in the market that you can select to do the whiteboard animations. Make sure you select the top software to create the perfect whiteboard animations.

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