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You get an endless choice with the iPhone 10 because of iPhone latest version. At first, you may want to grab Shazam, Find My iPhone, Facebook, Kindle, Twitter, and Apple’s Remote app. But then you will start to think of the apps that are very essential for you. So let’s find out which are the best apps for iPhone 10.

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List of 10 great iOS application for iPhone 10

Google Maps

The new Maps app of Google for iOS is perfect. The design of Google Maps is much similar to that of Gmail. Most of the smartphone users prefer to check subway times and get direction by using Google Maps. You must have this app if you wish to reach your destination without wasting much of your time.


The official Gmail app from Google lets you handle your Gmail on your phone perfectly. Finally, the app includes support for multiple accounts, muting, and labeling. Recently Google has updated the app and it looks great than before.


Instagram is a social networking app designed to share images of your present activities among friends and families. The filters of the app allow you to have a perfect picture, and it also lets you post the images quite easily on different social networking sites at once.


Flipboard is a magazine with a mixture of viral videos, links, and articles from Twitter, Facebook, and some of Flipboard’s channels like Tech and Science. The app lets to have news from around the world.


You can create the events very quickly with the Fantastical app. It is far better than Siri. It saves you from countless fields, dials, and sliders. And the DayTicker allows you to have a quick glance at your day’s activities. That’s why it’s one of my fav in the list of Best Apps for iPhone 10.

Dark Sky

The Dark Sky is the best means to visualize storm radar. It allows you to have weather updates quite easily. It is pretty handy to check present and near-future weather conditions.


The Evernote app is great, but it can be a little sluggish while holding all your links, articles, and photos. The Simplenote simply allows you to store text notes and works with different clients on both mobile and PCs. Simplenote is the most dependable and quickest way to take note of anything, and all the notes are stored in the cloud.


Using the Instapaper you can save the things on a browser that you would like to read later on. You will have a pleasant reading experience once you load up the app. It is even possible to send the unread articles to the Kindle by using the Instapaper.


Today is a good-looking and fully-featured weather app. It lets you have essential weather views. You can even get severe weather alerts by simply pushing notifications.


The touch interfaces were revolutionized by the Clear app when it was introduced on the iPhone, has no on or off switches, menus, or buttons. It is a to-do list where you can complete your tasks through just drags and swipes. It is intuitive and easily accessible.

These are some Best Apps for iPhone 10 that you can use in your daily life. What do you think which one is the most useful among all? or is there any other app you’ve been looking for? Comment your opinion below..


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